Biocellulose Membrane

Dressing that functions as a temporary skin substitute

Bionext membrane cutting

Bionext® Biocellulose Dressing

Bionext® is an effective biological wound treatment which may be used as a temporary skin substitute on lesions such as burns, traumatic wounds , chronic ulcers, and diabetic wounds. Acting as a powerful barrier against bacterial infections, Bionext® aims to protect injuries against the external environment, avoiding the exogenous events that might normally interfere with the healing process.

  • Can stay in place up to 15 days
  • Pain reduction
  • Maintains moist and warm environment
  • Decreases electrolyte loss
  • Effect barrier to external contamination
  • Transparent – wound is visible for examination without dressing removal or disruption

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How to use?

Bionext application procedure

Figure A and B: Remove Bionext from the package after preparing the wound bed.

Figure C: After calculating the wound surface, adjust the size of Bionext to be used, maintaining sterile conditions.

Figure D: Apply on the lesion.

Figure E: With gauze soaked in sterile solution (HOCl Solution, sterile water, saline Ringers, PHMB) gently press the Bionext on the injury for a full adherence.

Figure F: Remove excess exudate and air bubbles between Bionext and the wound bed.

Stronger wet than dry.

Bionext Tear


= 62.82 MPa


= 101.53 MPa

Clinical Studies

Use Of Biocellulose Dressing In Treatment Of Second Degree Facial Burns

In Vivo And In Vitro Evaluation Of An Acetobacter Xylinum Synthesized Microbial Cellulose Membrane Intended For Guided Tissue Repair

Use Of Biocellulose Membrane In Two Patients With Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

A Review On The Toxicology And Dietetic Role Of Bacterial Cellulose

Bionext membrane

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