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Scarless Hydrogel

Dermacyn® SCARLESS™ Hydrogel

Developed based on the patented Microcyn® Technology, SCARLESS™ combines the benefits of advanced silicone gel with the body’s natural defense, in a bottle!

  • Safe for immediate use post-operatively *
  • Prevents new scars & Reduces existing scars
  • Non-irritating, non-sensitizing & non-toxic
  • Anti-microbial & Anti-inflammatory

* Pair with Dermacyn® WoundCare Solution for optimum results.


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Used in hospitals and clinics for post-surgical care

Prevents Wound Infections

Prevents Wound Infections

Its anti-microbial action prevents secondary infections, providing optimum care after surgery
Prevents and Reduces New or Existing Scars

Prevents and Reduces New or Existing Scars

Contributes to collagen improvement while improving skin texture
Reduces Redness and Itchiness

Reduces Redness and Itchiness

Its anti-inflammatory action decreases the risk of scar formation and prevents scratching
Scarless 2D Diagram Silicone + Hypochlorous Acid

Microcyn® Technology mimics the same oxychlorine composition as that manufactured by neutrophils in the body’s immune system. It combines the benefits of pure silicone gel with the body’s natural defense, in a bottle.

Silicone (Si)

  • Regulates collagen synthesis
  • Moisturises & increases hydration
  • Forms protective layer over the scar

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)

  • Anti-inflammatory as a Mast Cell Stabilizer
  • Anti-Microbial – prevents infections
  • Increases blood flow
  • Increases oxygenation

Boosts collagen, moisturises skin & restores skin culture

Visible scar improvements after 2 months of consistent application¹

Apply scarless pea size

Apply a thin layer of SCARLESS™ hydrogel

Gently rub Scarless until evenly distributed

Gently rub until it is evenly distributed

Apply Scarless 3 times daily

Repeat the application 3 times daily

Healed acne often leave behind stubborn patchy skin and acne scabs, affecting my confidence at work and in relationships. After trying out Dermacyn® SCARLESS™, my acne scars have not only gotten significantly lighter, but the anti-microbial properties in the gel has also helped with existing acne healing.



Recommended treatment duration for SCARLESS™ is minimally 60 days with consistent application.

Yes, SCARLESS™ is safe for all ages and is widely used in hospitals and clinics.

SCARLESS™ can be applied directly on wounds, and can be used immediately after the wound has been sutured.

For effective results, shake the bottle well before use.

Warning: For external use only.

Till date, there is no reported adverse effect of using SCARLESS™. However, SCARLESS™ should be avoided by those with known hypersensitivity to silicone.

Clinical Study

¹SCARLESS™ Superior To Pure Silicone Based Therapy

Alicia D. Bucko, DO, CPI, JD Academic Dermatology Associates, Albuquerque,et All
  • 40-patient double-blind placebo-controlled study performed
  • 112-day study
  • Patient profile: hypertrophic or keloid scars
  • Both treatment arms showed clinical improvement however, when compared to pure silicone gel therapy, SCARLESS™ showed significant improvement in terms of Scar Height, Vascularity, Pliability, Pain and Itch as well as Vancouver Scar Scale.
Scarless graph vs competitor silicone
Clinical Study Scarless Scar Table
Clinical Study Scarless Scar Suture

Evaluation of Dermacyn® SCARLESS™ Hydrogel in Reducing Scar Formation Post Laparotomy Gynaecology Surgery

Fathi Ramly et al., 2018

The study shows that usage of Dermacyn® SCARLESS™ Hydrogel during early post-operative period among patients following gynaecological surgery helps to significantly reduce and prevent scar formation without increasing pain and itchiness scores. Improvements were evidence in scar vascularity (p=0.025), pliability (p=0.022), height (p=0.001) and pigmentation (p=0.000).

Scarless c-section gynaecology result

Softens, Flattens and Fades New & Existing Scars

Wear your confidence on your sleeves today; you deserve it.