What is Dermacyn® WoundCare?

Dermacyn® WoundCare is a super-oxidized solution intended for use in the debridement, irrigation and moistening of acute and chronic wounds, ulcers, cuts, abrasions and burns.

Through reducing the microbial load and assisting in creating a moist environment, it enables the body to perform its own healing process. Dermacyn Wound Care can be broadly applied within a comprehensive wound treatment.

Dermacyn® WoundCare is based on the patented Microcyn® technology: a sterile super-oxidized, pH-neutral, purified water-based solution. It contains reactive oxygen species in a stable formulation, has an extended shelf life and remains harmless to humans, animals and the environment.

How It Works: Mode of Action and Production

The electrolysis process in a multi-chamber system

Dermacyn® WoundCare is produced by means of a proprietary electrolysis process, developed in-house, utilizing a sophisticated, unique multi-chamber system. The solution is manufactured from purified water and Sodium Chloride. The electrolysis process separates and captures the ions, forming a sterile, pH-neutral solution with a stable controlled formula of reactive oxygen and chlorine species.

Dermacyn® WoundCare surrounds single-cell microorganisms and establishes a hypo-osmotic environment. The reactive oxygen species are enabled to disrupt the cell membrane’s enzymes. The process is similar to phagocytosis, which is used by the human body to kill pathogenic microorganism.

Dermacyn triggers the degradation of microorganism's cell wall

Human cells are not affected by Dermacyn® WoundCare because they are closely compacted and cannot be penetrated. The manufacturing conditions and process parameters are fully controlled and monitored real time. Dermacyn® WoundCare is manufactured at Oculus Innovative Sciences, an ISO 13485:2003 certified company.

Certification of Chemical Composition Dermacyn® Wound Care Solution
Certification of Chemical Composition Dermacyn® Wound Care Solution

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