Dermacyn® is super-oxidized solution that is electrochemically processed and manufactured from pure water and sodium chloride.

Yes. Dermacyn® is safe for all ages.

Dermacyn® DOES NOT contain bleach. Dermacyn® has a Free Available Chlorine Content (FAC) of <80 ppm, which is very low and non-toxic. This chlorine content is in the form of hypochlorous acid and does not harm tissue or fibroblast.

Dermacyn® usage guidelines can be found here.

No. It will disrupt the effectiveness of super-oxidized solution.

Dermacyn® has demonstrated compatibility with all wound care products used in comprehensive wound care management.

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Dermacyn® is neutral in pH and has very low FAC (free available chlorine) differentiates us from our competitors as a non cytotoxic product that causes no cytotoxic to normal, healthy human tissues.

Indication of Dermacyn®  is very wide. Dermacyn® has FDA 510K approval for use on any acute and chronic wound. Stage I-IV ulcers, venous ulcers, Diabetic ulcers, post surgical wound, burns and irritations on skin.

Yes. Thousands of patients have been treated with Dermacyn® with outstanding result.

2 years from the date of manufacture and 30 days once the bottle is opened. Dermacyn® can not be exposed to extreme temperatures. Ideal temperature for storage is 16º – 27ºC.

Does Dermacyn® has broad spectrum antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral activity in-vitro such as MRSA, VRE, Pseudomonas and etc..

No. Dermacyn® is gentle and safe. It is free of necrotizing chemicals. It has passed all tests on tissue sensitivity and toxicity with no irritation reported. In fact, Dermacyn™-based wound products have been documented to increase blood flow, increase healthy granulation and reduce inflammation.

Yes. In-vitro testing shows Dermacyn® is effective in destroying Pseudomonas biofilms when in contact for 30 minutes.

Stinging sensation reported by hypersensitive patients with arterial and venous stasis ulcers. Stinging dissipates within a few minutes and is not harmful to wound healing.

Yes. Even though the wound has cleared from infections, can still be used to promote rapid granulation of the wound through its high oxygen content.

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