Step 1

Cleanse the wound with sterile water

Step 2

Zorflex® will tear easily. To avoid fraying cut the dressing to shape, covering the periwound if masceration is evident. Without stretching the dressing, apply Zorflex® either way up to the wound surface. The dressing should be applied with the direction of stretch running along the limb to allow movement.

Step 3

Secure the Zorflex® dressing in place using an appropriate secondary dressing or compression therapy. Alternatively secure with a dressing retention sheet, tape or bandage. In the case of highly exuding wounds an absorbent secondary dressing is appropriate. Zorflex® allows transfer of the exudate into the secondary dressing which should be replaced as necessary without disturbing the Zorflex® or the wound bed.

Step 4

Should the dressing dry or adhere to the wound, moisten or soak the dressing with sterile water to assist removal and avoid disruption of the healing wound. Zorflex® can be left on the wound for up to 7 days, or as clinically indicated. Any threads or fibres which detach from the dressing can be easily seen and removed. Device should only be used as specified. Device should be used under relevant supervision by healthcare professionals.


Use sterile water to cleanse, irrigate or moisten the wound. The use of oil based products, topical ointments or saline will reduce the effectiveness of Zorflex®.

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